About Us

Tao means the way of nature

What does Dragon Gate mean?

Dragon Gate is a reference to a concept in Taoist internal alchemy. It is a pathway to harmony and balance, hence the Yin and Yang in our logo. Aaron has been studying philosophical Taoism for many years, and it is at the root of his Tai Chi/Kung Fu practices. Healthy foods and CBD rich cannabis help in their own way with each person’s internal alchemy, so the name feels very fitting.

The Team

Aaron and David work as a team to bring you amazing hemp products. We grow everything organically and try to work in harmony with nature.

Aaron is the owner of Dragon Gate Farm where most of our hemp is grown, along with all sorts of delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other amazing things. He also runs Dragon Phoenix Kung Fu where he teaches Tai Chi class and Kung Fu during the week. He manages much of the business infrastructure side of Dragon Gate CBD as well as working with the plants.

David is our cannabis expert and the leader of our sales team. He knows these plants inside and out and makes sure we are growing the most amazing cannabis possible. He is also the owner of True Horizons Consulting, a cannabis consulting business.

The Dogs

Kona, Mary Jane, Psya, and Chloe. They like to bark at things and keep the deer away. Also they’re dogs, so they’re awesome.

Mary Jane at her last visit to the vet. 14 1/2 years young and still rocking it.
Kona, the ladyslayer.
Psya, speed panda inc.
Chloe hard at work.