What Can I do with Hemp Flower?

To answer simply, the possibilities are endless. Some people like to smoke the flower for immediate relief, others like to make their own CBD products at home. Anything that can be done with marijuana can also be done with hemp. The CBD cannabinoid is both alcohol and fat soluble so extraction can happen a number of different ways. We will provide you with some simple extraction methods and you will be quickly on your way to saving money by making your own CBD products at home. *Make sure that you are familiar with home extraction laws in your state. Dragon Gate CBD assumes no responsibility for what you do with your flowers once you receive them.

The ideas below can be made by using our Alcohol Extraction method, or Oil/Butter Extraction method. These are just a few ideas, your creativity is your limit.

Ideas for Oil/ Butter Extraction;

  1. Eat it plain
  2. Use it for baking (extract into butter, and use it for any recipe requiring butter. Ex. brownies, cake, toast, the possibilities are endless…)
  3. Put it in your coffee (yes, some people like butter in their coffee)
  4. Use it in a dressing to pour over foods
  5. Put it in your dog/pet’s food
  6. Use it as a personal lubricant (extract into coconut oil, not safe for use with latex condoms)
  7. Make your own skin care/beauty products

Ideas for Alcohol Extraction;

  1. Take it plain (though it will likely be quite bitter)
  2. Put it in cocktails (it turns a cool milky color)
  3. Making Beer (pour it in your secondary fermenter)
  4. Put it on dog/pet food
  5. Put some in your coffee
  6. Put it in any kind of drink/tonic
  7. Use it as a liniment